Welcome to our website. WYSBM is a brand new association providing regional networking opportunities to school business management professionals in West Yorkshire.

Members of WYSBM enjoy a supportive and engaging forum through termly conferences and an online community. This allows members to collaborate and share support and knowledge.

Membership of WYSBM is open to all school business management staff in the West Yorkshire Area. Our aim is to provide a network to support our business management colleagues in all school phases. We will hold regular conferences from 2019.

Our events put the delegate at the heart in order to ensure maximum value and comprise a mix of keynote speakers, sponsor presentations, relevant sponsor exhibitions and SBM development and network sessions. Conference planning is guided by membership feedback to ensure the events are always excellent.

With our website and thriving online community we aim to provide ever increasing accessibility to local information pertinent to our members. 

The association is being run by LASBM which is an independent company that have been running events of this type since it was founded in 2009 by Sue Edwards and Judy Entwistle.



Membership of WYSBM includes many benefits, but by far the two greatest ones are the termly conferences and our online community. This combination gives you access to a network of fellow school business management professionals and all the experience, ideas and information they hold and are willing to share.

The online community provides easy to use communication tools such as discussion forums, document libraries, direct secure messaging and effortless sign up tools for all our events.

Our termly conferences are a great chance to network face to face, experience informative and entertaining presentations from a wide range of experts and be introduced to suppliers of key products and services for your school.

Standard Full Membership including online community access and attendance at WYSBM events £75 + VAT.

Online Only Membership including online community access only. £25 + VAT.

To become a member you simply need to complete our online application form which can be access using the following link:

WYSBM Online Application Form

Our Values

Our Values

As we started our group in response to the need for a School Business Management network, we hold on to our original aims of providing development and collaborative opportunities for our members. As a limited company, we want to provide the same assurance now as we did then. Our five values reflect how we work together, with others and with purpose.

Be Aspirational

We push the boundaries to develop and expand our services, constantly striving for innovative ideas to make a difference to our members and promote the school business management profession.

Be Considerate

We treat everyone considerately, aiming to ensure all stakeholders are completely satisfied with their WYSBM experience. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do.

Be Inclusive

We aspire to make our services accessible to as wide a group as possible, including all sectors of School Business Management and those aspiring to the profession. We recognise the contribution that each individual can make and that the diversity of our group makes us stronger.

Be Professional

We uphold the professional principles of integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership so that we can be proud of our work.

Be Responsive

We listen to the views of our stakeholders and aim to respond to changes in the educational landscape, developing our offer accordingly. We know that some of the best ideas come from our members.



We will hold regular conferences, and members can attend one each term. Our events are popular and highly-rated, comprising a mix of keynote speakers, relevant sponsor presentations and exhibitors, and SBM development and networking.

Events are free to WYSBM members. If you are interested in membership, please visit the membership section to find out more.
2019 Events
WYSBM Spring Conference - TBC


WYSBM offers a cost-effective way to reach decision-makers in nursery, primary, secondary, special schools and academies throughout West Yorkshire.

We have opportunities to reach school business managers on our website, via our online community and at our termly conferences.

Options start from just £250

For more information, use the link below to download our sponsorship brochure:-

WYSBM Sponsorship Brochure

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